Tata Tea to re-launch its flagship brand Tata Tea Premium

New Delhi, Sept. 29 (ANI): Tata Global Beverages has announced the re-launch of its flagship brand Tata Tea Premium across all major cities in India.

Tata Tea Premium, which is widely known for its iconic Jaago Re campaigns that have awakened Indians to pressing social issues such as elections, voting, corruption, has now moved forward in awakening tea drinkers to what goes into their favourite cup of tea.

With the belief that ‘jaanoge toh jaagoge’, the brand offers information to the discerning consumer of today, on what a harmonious blend of badi patti and choti patti can bring to the tea.

Head of Tea Marketing at Tata, Rishi Chadha, claimed that product offers right combination of taste and strength to satisfy connoisseurs of tea.

“Beyond offering teas with consistent and superior quality, Tata Tea has over the years deepened its bond with consumers through some impactful messaging and communication. We have a highly differentiated product offering in Tata Tea Premium. It is the right combination of badi patti for swaad (taste) and choti patti for kadakpan (strength), crafted with over three decades of Tata Tea’s expertise,” he said.

“We wanted to talk about what makes our brand unique to tea drinkers, so that they can make an informed choice when buying tea. We believe that ‘chai ko jaanoge to jaagoge’. We believe that the superior quality that Tata Tea Premium has to offer will be liked by our consumers,” he added.

A new TV commercial was also unveiled to complement the launch. The ad campaign introducing this product is very tastefully done, striking an instant chord with the audience and is based on the theme of ‘awakening’ the little joyous moments of life through a family reunion. (ANI)

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