‘Tax-related data under GST completely secure’

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New Delhi, April 11 (IANS) Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) — the company which is building the IT backbone of the new indirect tax regime — on Tuesday assured the industry that its tax-related data will be completely secure under GST.

GSTN CEO Prakash Kumar assured the industry a completely foolproof security protection of its data and tax-related information with total stability and backup facility, stressing that only the tax payer and concerned tax officer would have access to information submitted to GSTN portal by tax payers.

“Even functionaries of GSTN would not have any access to tax related information of tax payers after GST is enforced and that tax payers should rest assured on the front of data protection,” Kumar said here at an interactive session organised by PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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“Such has been the arrangement made in GSTN for protection of data security with best available tools and technologies of the time and that no leakage or even tampering is almost impossible on data and information submitted to GSTN portal,” he added.

Until recently, 56.5 lakh of tax payers across the country have enrolled themselves with GSTN portal, Kumar said adding that in Karnataka 92.9 per cent of tax payers have already registered with the portal.



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