Taxi drivers applaud Brampton Mayor’s stance on Uber

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Brampton, February 5 (CINEWS): Regardless of Edmonton giving Uber the go-ahead and Toronto Mayor John Tory supporting ride-sharing, Brampton Mayor has so far bucked the trend and has thrown her support the other way.
Jeffrey recently sent a letter to the Peel Taxi Alliance, outlining her concerns about the operations of ride-sharing companies in her city.
“I share your concern that such companies providing ride-sharing services do not carry adequate insurance, safety inspections or driver training,” she wrote in the Jan. 21 letter. “In addition, these drivers fail to acquire proper police background checks that are required of all Brampton taxi drivers.”
Sam Moini, of the Toronto Taxi Alliance, said Sunday he hopes the Toronto officials will mirror that firm sentiment.
“We’re hoping that the city takes notice … of the words Brampton is using to send a clear message to Uber that ‘You’re not running the show here, we are. We need you to follow the laws and regulations of this city,’” he said Sunday. “And we hope Toronto does the same thing.”
A taxicab advisory committee has been re-established in Brampton.
Mayor Jeffrey’s letter to Brampton taxi drivers highlights concerns about “ride-sharing companies that are operating without proper licensing.
“It concerns me that such companies are accessing municipal infrastructure without contributing anything for their use and maintenance,” she wrote.
“For these reasons I have instructed my staff to examine all options that will restrict illegal ride sharing companies from operating in Brampton without appropriate licensing.”

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