Teachers’ Day address: President still wishes to teach somewhere

New Delhi, Sept.4 (ANI): On the eve of Teacher’s Day, President Pranab Mukherjee on Friday shared with the students, how he still has the urge to teach somewhere .

“Till today I have the urge of teaching somewhere” said the President while interacting with the students.

Tracing his own school journey, President Mukherjee told the students how he had to travel on foot for five kilometers to reach his school.

The President also told students of the contrast between the syllabus of his time and today’s.

“When I was in school, our history books were written by colonial leaders. In our exam, 40 percent of the marks weight age was of British history. But today, you study about Indian independence movement. This is good,” said the President.

Mukherjee also reminded the students of the process of the formation of Constitution of India. He also taught the students some Indian history and recited for them the Preamble of our Constitution. (ANI)

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