Teen in custody for making online threats to shoot in Mississauga school

Mississauga, October 23 (CINEWS): Each year police all across north America are used to dealing with anonymous threats against school students in schools. Although most of them turn out to be false, police are obliged to take each and every call seriously. On Tuesday, someone posted threats online threatening to “shoot up” Our Lady of Mount Carmel Secondary School in Mississauga, sending the school into a day-long hold and secure. A teenager was

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Secondary School in Mississauga

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Secondary School in Mississauga had a ‘hold and secure’ for almost         6 hours

taken into custody by heavily-armed officers.
The Meadowvale school was placed in a hold and secure order for much of the day today as Peel Regional Police investigated the multiple “possible threats” at the school. The order was lifted around 2 p.m.
Police became aware of one of the possible threats at 6 a.m., according to Peel police spokesperson Const. George Tudos. At 8:14 a.m., the high school and Trelawny elementary school in Meadowvale were placed under a hold and secure order. That was lifted at the elementary school just after 9 a.m. But the order, which sees all outside doors locked, all windows shut and no one entering or exiting the building without police permission, remained in place a the high school for nearly six hours.
Both schools are on Trelawny Circle.
Tudos responded to parents’ concerns questioning why students were let in school today if police knew of the online posts before sunrise.
Tudos said at no time, was there a risk to public safety and it was school staff who decided to initiate the hold and secure.
It’s not immediately known if the teen in custody goes to the school. Police haven’t decided whether the teen, who was arrested at a home near the school, will be charged.
For many parents and students who have to live through the hours of a lockdown or a hold and secure situation, the experience can be very stressful and scary, given the very real possibility of a mentally unsound individual bringing harm to innocent students.

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