Terrified by fireworks, dog tears hole in door

Wellington, Nov 8 (IANS) A dog owner has called for a ban on pyrotechnics after her pet, terrified by fireworks, tore a huge hole in the door of her house in New Zealand.

The owner, who resides in Blenheim town, said the repair work would cost her 500 New Zealand dollars ($326) after her dog Smudge ripped a 50 cm by 30 cm hole in the back door of her home on Saturday night, stuff.co.nz news website reported on Sunday.

“Fireworks set off during Guy Fawkes celebrations turned the normally relaxed dog into a quivering wreck,” the owner said.

The owner left the dog outside the house before she went out for dinner on Saturday night. When she arrived home, she saw her dog was excessively panting and shaking.

“I am glad he was not hurt. He expended a lot of energy to make the hole to get to a place where he felt safe,” the owner said.

“People stockpile them (fireworks) then set them off willy-nilly. It is unfair on animals,” she added.

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