Terror, global warming threat to mankind: Karan Singh

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New Delhi, Aug 19 (IANS) Veteran Congress leader and scholar Dr Karan Singh on Friday said international terrorism and global warming were the two threats to human existence and could only be tackled by a countervailing coalition of peace and sustainable development.

Referring to terrorism, religious intolerance, caste violence and discrimination, Karan Singh said: “Peace and conflict resolution activities must come to the fore.”

“We have to do something about international terrorism and global warming,” he added while speaking at the release of a book ‘Give Non-violence a Chance’ by former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Describing Mahatma Gandhi’s life as an astounding chapter in human history, the Congress leader said education alone was the answer to preaching of hatred in society against other religions and nations.

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Releasing the book — a collection of articles by eminent people both from India and abroad on the peace initiative and non-violent campaign by peace activist and philosopher Neelakantha Radhakrishnan — Manmohan Singh lauded his (Radhakrishnan’s) journey over the 50 years while contributing to peace and non-violence.

Singh said Radhakrishnan gave practical solutions to the problems faced by the people.

Rajya Sabha member and former Planning Commission Chief Economic Advisor Dr Narendra Jadhav said the path of non-violence was the only way forward, pointing out that in 2015 alone 1,67,000 fatalities took place worldwide due to various conflicts involving ethnic and communal violence.

He appreciated the extraordinary efforts on part of Radhakrishnan in bringing about non-violent changes at social levels.

In his address, Radhakrishnan said: “The journey of a man is to discover his potential and how this potential can be used for change in a peaceful way.”

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He said the essence of non-violence was the ability to tolerate dissent and others follies.

“While aspiring to live and grow, one should remember that others too have the right to live and grow.”



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