Terror or no terror Aditya was adamant ‘Befikre’ should be shot in Paris

anne hidalgo

Glamorous Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo attended the trailer launch.

Despite the deadly terror attacks in November last year, director Aditya Chopra  was adamant that his movie Befikre should be shot in the ‘City of Love’, according to the lead male star Ranveer Singh.

“My mentor Aditya Chopra conceptualised this film in Paris, he wrote this film with Paris in his heart and mind. When the pre-production of this film was in full swing the Paris terror attacks happened and every body was asking Adi sir to change the location and consider another city.

“Adi sir turned back and said ‘That’s not the spirit of the film. I have written this film with Paris in mind and the moto of this film is to be carefree. This film was about those who dare to love and I dare to romance this city and what may come I shoot this in Paris. I am not going to move this to any other city’,” Ranveer said.

The actor was speaking at the trailer launch of the film at the Eiffel Tower.

The film also stars Vaani Kapoor in the lead, and the actress said Aditya wanted to shoot the film like a local and hence worked with the local crew.

“Aditya used to say that he wants to film the movie like a Paris insider and which probably was one of the prime reasons for taking French technicians because he wanted people who knew Paris truly.

“90 per cent of our crew was French and it brought a great energy and vibrancy to the film which made the movie fresh and new,” said Vaani.

The trailer of the film was launched at the Eiffiel tower making it the first cinema event ever organised at the tourist destination. The movie also aims at promoting the French capital as the tourist destination.

Glamorous Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, the first woman to hold office, attended the gala launch of the trailer at the Eiffel Tower, on October 10.

It was a smart choice by Aditya to choose Paris and we think the kissing sequence unleashed by Ranveer and Vaani on the much-trod iconic steps would have looked out of place anywhere in the world.

We are not sure whether the hawkish Indian censors have still approved the film which has a song with two dozens of full blown kisses.

Kiss is the basic expression of love which binds the world cutting across ethnic, age and gender barriers seems to be the message that Aditya is trying convey from the very place where terror is trying to mar its history and tolerant towards art and humanity.

Vive le Befikre! – CINEWS

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