Terry Crews sued by ex-social media manager

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Los Angeles, Aug 16 (IANS) A former friend of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star Terry Crews sued the actor, claiming he was not paid for work managing and promoting Crews’ social media accounts.

The friend named Darwin Hall alleged that Crews owed him more than $1 million, reports variety.com.

Hall also contended that Crews defamed him in a series of tweets last winter, and recruited followers to track him down and threaten him.

“Plaintiff Hall was terrified and feared for his safety as well as that of his family,” the lawsuit states.

Hall says he agreed to work for Crews in 1999, when the actor was just starting out. He claims he worked for many years promoting Crews’ Facebook page and personal website, and was paid a total of $28,479.06, of which about half was reimbursement for expenses.

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He alleges that payment is due to him for more than 6,000 hours of work for Crews, at $55 an hour.

Hall also alleges that in 2013, he went to work for an LGBT client who had a dating application.

Hall claims that when Crews found out about the job, he “flew into a rage” and demanded that Hall drop the client. He says he did exit the job, but accuses Crews of reneging on an agreement to reimburse him for lost income.



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