Tesla curbs autopilot feature for safe driving

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New Delhi, Jan.11 (ANI): American automotive and energy storage company Tesla Motors, which designs, manufactures, and sells luxury electric cars, has said it is updating the autopilot driving systems in Model S sedans to put new limits on its hands-free operation.

The move comes after YouTube videos showed near-misses on the road with autopilot.

Tesla said the autopilot system has been modified to improve steering in common highway driving.

“The car will now reduce its speed in anticipation of curves on the highway,” Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk said.

The function will now be restricted on residential roads or roads without a center divider, meaning the car cannot drive faster than the speed limit of maximum plus five miles (8 km) per hour, Reuters reported.

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Last October, Tesla had updated its electric car software which allowed its Model S sedans access to self-driving options for the first time on the US roads.(ANI)

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