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Tesla owners unintentionally buys upgrades, not getting refunds

San Francisco, Jan 19 (IANS) Some Tesla owners are unintentionally buying expensive software upgrades through the automaker’s app which range from $ 4,000 to almost $ 10,000 and they are facing trouble getting refunds.

The issue was noted by Tesla owner Jon McLaughlin was surprised when his wife called to tell him that she was now able to use some Full Self-Driving features on their Model 3, even though they didn’t buy those options, reports electrek.

“This prompted me to look at the ‘upgrades’ section of the mobile app. Interestingly, the app said I had purchased all the eligible upgrades. Odd, I have not purchased anything. So, I proceed to click on ‘purchases’ within the mobile app only to see two invoices. One for the new performance boost and the other for FSD,” the report quoted Jon.

Additionally, he mentioned that his credit card was charged $9,700 on January 5 without his authorization.

Back in December, Tesla introduced one-click and the first feature available via the easy-buy feature was the Acceleration Boost upgrade.

When McLaughlin contacted Tesla customer service, he was told the products were non-refundable, despite him allegedly not making the purchase in the first place.

Famous scholar and Tesla owner Nassim Nicholas Taleb reported a similar story on Twitter.

Eventually, Tesla CEO Elon Musk intervened, saying he would make sure Taleb’s issue will get resolve soon.




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