Thailand assembles team against alleged human traffickers

Bangkok, Oct 30 (IANS) Thai Attorney General Pongniwat Yuthapanboripan has assigned an 18-member public prosecutor team to work on the case against the alleged human trafficking syndicate that preyed on Rohingyas and other migrants.

The team, led by Human Trafficking Case Office director general Peerayut Praditkul, will handle the prosecution of 74 suspects including former Army advisor Manas Khongpaen, The Nation online reported on Friday.

The evidence examining process for the case is scheduled for November 10.

The case was transferred from Songkhla’s Na Thawi Provincial Court to the newly-established Human Trafficking Case Division at the Criminal Court in early October.

The Criminal Court has organised Myanmar Bangladeshi translators to assist in the trial.

Attorney General’s Office spokesman Somnuek Siangkong said the office was ready to prosecute human trafficking cases in accordance with government’s policy and its status as a national agenda matter.

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