The day MP Kenney needed an English-to-English translation

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Ottawa, February 5 (CINEWS): Of all the things that ended up outraging a section of Liberal MPs in Parliament this week, it was a seven-word comment from Conservative MP Jason Kenney that was construed to be racist. But was it? If you are Liberal or anti-Conservative, it was appallingly and clearly racist, but if you are non-partisan or Conservative, you’d give the MP the benifit of doubt.
Here is how it played out: The beleaguered new Defense Minister Harjit Singh Sajjan was answering a question Tory James Bezan on the handling of ISIL, stating it’s crucial to learn from lessons by the past by “working with our allies.”
“And I want to make sure that we do not repeat the mistakes of the past because every, single time we make those mistakes as political leaders we send our men and women into harm’s way for no reason and I will not repeat those mistakes again,” he added.
Sajjan emphasized that it’s important for the government to take their time by consulting with their allies to prevent putting their soldiers under harm’s way.
While Sajjan spoke about the government’s plans to deal with ISIL the Jason Kenney stated that Canadian MPs needed an “English-to-English translation”.
Liberal MPs responded by condemning the comment and shouting “Shame.” Several MPs called for Jason Kenney to apologize but he refused and took to twitter to respond.
MP Ruby Sahota promptly took her cue and jumped up to convey her displeasure. On twitter she continued “
“Shame on @jkenney for his racist remarks during today’s qp toward #harjitsajjan. His refusal to apologize is unacceptable.”
He stated that Sajjan’s answer was “totally incoherent.” It was in exasperation over the convoluted statements when it comes to ISIS. MP Kenney insists that his comment referred to the garbled message being put on when it comes to defining and stating exactly Canada’s role in the fight against ISIS. The fact of the matter is that while everyone knows for sure that Canada will be pulling out its fighter jets, what role will follow has yet to be spelled out. Had Mr Kenney have used the same remark if Canada’s Defence Minister was Caucasian, most rational people would get was he was referring to, but Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan’s has a South Asian immigrant background and unlike some other MPs of South Asian descent, he speaks flawless English in a perfectly Canadian accent.
This incidentally is the second time Minister Kenney has been called out for referring to accent. Last year there was an uproar when he praised an 11-year-old Iraqi refugee who “already speaks perfect, unaccented English” after arriving from Syria last year. It was clear that Mr Kenney was referring to the speed at which this young boy adapted to his new home and could communicate with his fellow Canadians well.

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