The look of your hydro bill will be changing

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A provincial directive is forcing providers to change the layout of residential hydro bills, making the province’s subsidy appear more prominently. This change will be seen beginning November.

The hydro bills will show the full unsubsidized per-kilowatt-hour price of electricity. The approximately 25 per cent in subsidies introduced by the previous Liberal government will be highlighted on one line, under the heading “Total Ontario Support.”

The only subsidy explicitly appearing on current bills is the eight per cent rebate of HST, as a further 17 per cent subsidy is buried in the per-kilowatt-hour price.

No changes are expected to the actual price that residential hydro customers end up paying for electricity, as hydro rates are in the middle of a promised four-year freeze.

It means when Ontario consumers check their hydro bills next month, the figures will look different, although the bottom line will remain essentially the same.

According to media reports, this is yet another attempt at the government’s commitments on improving transparency and accountability in the electricity sector.

Many Ontarians may be interested in seeing just how much their hydro use is being subsidized, however, they would be even more impressed if and when the PC government reduces the price of electricity by 12 per cent as promised on the election trail. -CINEWS

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