The opening line of the Star Wars: ‘The Force Awakens’ creates ‘bang’

Melbourne, Dec 30(ANI): The latest Chalk-talks about the Star Wars ‘The Force Awakens’ is its opening line, for which even the fans are making awful remarks at ‘George Lucas’ marking his movie to be ‘awful prequels’.

Usually, in the film, the first thing San Tekka says is: ‘this will begin to make things right.’ However, the fans have interpreted the opening very differently, reports

Yet fans said, that, in the context of the movie, it’s a reference to finding Luke and returning balance to the Force. But others have interpreted the opener very differently.

A Prominent Judge, Thomas Amadeo, said that the first line of the movie the doesn’t seem to indicate anything clear that is relevant plot-wise reports

While all six films were a commercial success, many fans panned the prequels, describing them as a ‘shameful chapter’ in the history of Star Wars.(ANI)

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