They ran away from JK Lon, but returned & their son died

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Kota, Jan 6 (IANS) This is the story of Tejas, a five-month-old infant, who was admitted in the JK Lon Hospital here in December, but his parents literally ran off from here taking him along to escape the ‘torture from the doctors and nurses’, who sounded more like ‘butchers’ to them. They took Tejas, suffering from pneumonia, to a private hospital where his situation improved, but the cash starved family had to return to the JK Lon Hospital. And, the story ended 48-hours later with the death of their son during treatment in the hospital.

Tejas was born on July 10 last year. Hale and hearty, he suffered from cold and flu initially in late November and when the condition worsened, the poor parents took him to the JK Lon hospital, but were aghast to see the irresponsible behaviour of the doctors and staff.

“There was just no doctor to check my son, the staff put him on oxygen and walked away asking me to check if all is ok,” said his mother, Padma. She said: “We were normal people who had no clue about how and what we need to check here standing beside our ailing son.

“We wanted our son to live and hence we left the hospital. I sold all my jewellery and we admitted him in a private hospital. We spent all our savings too and our child’s condition improved. But cash starved, we again had to go to the JK Lon as he was under the recovery stage.

“We admitted him in the hospital on December 22 after begging them as the staff was reluctant to admit him and was misbehaved with us,” the mother said.

Once admitted, same story was repeated; there was no doctor in the hospital to check him throughout the day. The doctors came in the morning who were more into their mobile phones. The ward boys openly said that no child can go back home healthy after coming here. “Koi bachha zinda nahin jaa sakta yahan se,” They were telling the parents openly.

Sobbing inconsolably, she says: “I asked a doctor the next day that his mouth is red and doctors said that your son is dying and so it is red,” that was the cruelty of the doctors, who instead of listening to our trauma and attending to him were busy showing their attitude.

“Tejas was admitted in the emergency ward. When he could not breathe, we ran to call the doctors who came quite late, and after many hours my child was shifted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where chilled air from the broken windows further aggravated his condition on December 23 and on December 24, he breathed his last.

Tejas’s parents say that Tejas lost his life because the doctors and the nursing staff didn’t care.

Says his mother, “We want to overcome the trauma, but now politicians have been visiting our house every day. We have to recount our trauma again and again.”

“We can’t bring our child back, but can they ensure that no other mother loses her child the way we have; also can they help us with financial aid as we lost everything due to the mismanagement in the hospitals here. We still welcome those visiting us, hiding all the pain and trauma,” she says as tears roll down her face.

The only questions that she asks are: “What if the hospital was like one, what if the doctors were like one and what if there was no politics, but sensitivity towards the poor like her. Had this been so, Tejas would have been in my arms.”



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