‘They slit my throat and left me bleeding’, says Gurdaspur SP’s friend

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Gurdaspur, Jan. 5 (ANI): Rajesh Verma, the friend of Gurdaspur Superintendent of Police Salwinder Singh, on Tuesday said that the terrorists, who took away their vehicle forcibly, slit his throat and left him bleeding.

The Gurdaspur SP and Verma were returning after offering prayers at the ‘Pir Baba’ when their vehicle was hijacked by the terrorists.

Verma said that the terrorists kept talking to their Commander and kept him informed about their every move.

“They were four persons in army fatigues. I was driving the car when they stopped us. They pointed guns at us and forcibly boarded our vehicle. They tied our hands dumped us at the rear of the vehicle while they started driving it,” he told ANI.

“They tied us and took our mobile phones, also asked my mobile code. They said that they wouldn’t hurt us if we cooperate with them. Then they let the other two go and warned them not to go anywhere. They took my phone and they were repeatedly speaking to someone called commander,” he added.

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He said that the terrorists did not use names while communicating with each other but instead use codes such as ‘alpha’ and ‘major’.

“They had GPS equipment with them. They drank Red Bull (energy drink) and ate chocolates. They came near a bridge where they decided to let me go. One of them said that I should be sent to heaven. I was sure then that they would kill me,” Verma said.

“Two of them came and beat me up with rifle butts. Then they placed a knife on my throat and slit it. Blood spurted out of my throat and they said that I would reach heaven within minutes. They also stuffed some napkins in my mouth, left me near vehicle and fled,” he added.

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Meanwhile, the combing operations are still underway at the Indian Air Force base in Pathankot.

The operation against the terrorists at the air base entered its fourth day today as security forces continue to carry out combing operations to smoke out any remaining terrorist.

Security forces declared yesterday that the fifth terrorist was killed and the building in which they were hiding was also bombarded. (ANI)

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