Third edition of ‘Connections’ to be blend of European, Indian artists

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New Delhi, March 22 (IANS) The third edition of ‘Connections’, an annual international performing arts festival will see a blend of Indian musicians and European musicians in the city. The two-day event, beginning on March 25, will see performances of renowned artists from India and around the world.

Organised by Shri Ram Centre, the festival will have Hindustani classical musicians teaming up with artists from Europe to celebrate the universality of traditions.

“We are bringing varied and outstanding performances to Delhi so that the audiences can truly enjoy new kinds of creativity. Our endeavor is also to introduce the Delhi audiences to exciting and new emerging languages in the performing arts,” said Rukmini Chatterjee, the Indo-French choreographer and artistic director of the festival.

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The line- up includes widely acclaimed ‘Concerto For Two Clowns’, a contemporary circus and ‘Ljodahått’, a poetic folk rock band.

Some of the artists who participate in the event include ‘Julia Moa Caprez, Igor Sellem and Magne Havard Brekke, apart from Indian musicians including Puranjay Guha, Rupak Mukherjee among others.

Speaking about his journey, artist Igor Sellem said he became a clown by accident. “I became a clown for the first time, entirely by accident, during a sports class in high school. The sight of my clumsy gesticulations behind the perfect figures of the two girls in front of me was met with uncontrollable laughter.”

“I wasn’t sure what had happened, but I sensed that the combination of my awkwardness and that laughter had created something magical, like a force that suspended the normal flow of events, brought everyone together and made them feel good. I never forgot that moment,” said Sellem.

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The Nordic poetic folk rock band ‘Ljodahått’, will perform to music composed to Norwegian poetry of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Indian artists will join the band, which is much more powerful closer to hard rock and pop.

“I am looking eagerly forward to playing mandola with Ljodahatt’s music. It interesting to collaborate with some famous musicians across the globe in this unique project,” said Puranjay Guha.

The event is at Shri Ram Centre on March 25-26 at 7.30 pm. Tickets are available at

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