Third of young women to earn less than living wage in 2016

London, Nov 2 (ANI): A recent study has claimed that over a third of women in their twenties will be earning less than the basic cost of living than any other workers next year.

The study, which will dampen the announcement of a rise in the level of the Living Wage, predicts that in 2016 almost a quarter of the UK workforce will earn less than 8.25pounds per hour, which experts say is the minimum necessary to meet the cost of living, the Independent reported.

For women in their twenties, the figure earning less than the level of pay deemed to befit a living wage will be 36 per cent, according to the think-tank. This compares with 29 per cent for men in the same age group.

Middle-aged workers will fare better next year, with 24 per cent of women and just 10 per cent of men in their forties set to earn less than the living wage.

The findings could mean that more young people, and particularly young women, find themselves “stranded” next year in jobs that do not pay enough to live on.

Adam Corlett, economic analyst at the think-tank, said that people would expect young people to move on to higher wages as they gain experience, the fact that they are moving jobs far less frequently today compared to before the crash is a real cause for concern. This risks holding up their careers and could leave them stranded on low pay.

The research is published by the Resolution Foundation. (ANI)

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