This controversial agrichemical may lead to male impotency

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New Delhi, Jan. 8 (ANI): A study conducted recently has established that exposure to toxic pesticide Endosulfan causes male infertility and other health concerns.

Scientist Sathees C. Raghavan, who conducted the study, also confirmed that endosulfan causes DNA break-up, which in turn results in cancer and many other genetic diseases.

Endosulfan became a highly controversial agrichemical due to its acute toxicity, potential for bioaccumulation, and role as an endocrine disruptor. A global ban on the manufacture and use of endosulfan was negotiated under the Stockholm Convention in April 2011 because of its threats to human health and the environment.

This comprehensive study which is expected to be path-breaking, was carried out on the population in northern Kerala and animal which haveshown 33 percent of male had infertility-related issues due to endosulfan.

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A number of deaths have occurred in Kerala and some other parts of the country, due to excessive use of Endosulfan. From the mid-70s, this insecticide was used for aerial spraying on cashew nut plantation in northern Kerala. Many people in the region subsequently experienced illnesses, palsies and deformities to new-born children.

This study was presented at the session on ‘Genetic dissection of complex diseases.’ (ANI)

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