This electric car will take you places sans fuel

Helsinki, Sep 4 (IANS) Here comes one-of-a-kind electric hyper car that will not only pump adequate adrenaline rush if you participate in a race but will also give you “me time” if you plan a family weekend getaway without fuel worries.

The Finnish Toroidion 1MW electric hyper car is completely electric, holding a 1,341 horse power engine with four direct drive motors — reaching speeds of up to 400 km per hour in just 11 seconds.

It is powered by a battery that lasts roughly 500 kms and can be changed without coming to a complete stop.

“We call it ‘Toro’ because it’s like a raging bull. People talk about horse power, but with an electric car, you should call it bull power,” Pasi Pennanen, designer and CEO of Toroidion Ltd, said in a statement released on Friday.

Displaying a retro design with gull-wing doors and fenders along with conventional trunk luggage space, Toro is not only a race car but a weekend getaway car too.

“While typical super cars are very high maintenance and spend much of their time waiting to be serviced, this car is designed to need only limited servicing,” the statement said.

The company also plans to have a team of engineers out visiting the cars on customer premises to ensure they are running smoothly and always available for customer use.

“A car cannot just sit in a garage or in a collection, then it’s like a caged animal. It should be driven,” Pennanen stated.

According to Pennanen, there will always be plenty of wealthy people excited about these high-end sports cars.

With increasing concerns about global warming, electric cars in general are becoming more attractive to the consumer.

The Toroidian uses all green technology run on a battery that is easily rechargeable with any average power outlet.

“It is a lifestyle product. Today people are willing to pay more to carry the responsibility to be green. It is nice to escape to the countryside knowing you don’t need to go to the petrol station,” Pennanen commented.

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