This New Year, hold your hands on drinks

By Mehak Sabharwal

New Delhi, Dec. 30(ANI): With festive season on full swing, people often get many opportunities to grab a glass and gobble junk food. Most of the time, they don’t realise that they might end up having a bad stomach and hangover as beige drinking hits the head fast and also results in nausea, vomiting and retching.

Dishing details about such practice, Dr. Rakesh Tandon, Medical Director and Head of Gastroenterology, PSRI Hospital said, “Overdosing on alcohol may result in sudden stoppage of heart or breathing, or one could choke on his/her vomit.”

He added, “Binge drinking can affect one’s mood and memory and in the longer term can lead to serious mental health problems. However, to minimise the effect of alcohol, one needs to drink slowly and keep a limit. Binge drinking hits the head fast and also results in nausea, vomiting and retching. Diluting your drink with soda or water helps minimise both these effects.”

Rakesh also claimed that more darker-drinks are harder are the hangovers. In other words light color or colorless drinks like gin and vodka produce lesser hangover than whisky and rum.

“Overeating similarly has its ill effects – distension and discomfort in the abdomen, burping, acidic reflux and an untimely urge to move your bowels,” he added.

Rakesh further said that fatty or chilled food are most notorious to cause these side effects. So, one should eat more veggies, salad and fruits. Non vegetarian food, especially when not accompanied with much of vegetables and fruits, produces bad breath. Alcohol excess adds further to the bad odour, making you not a very pleasant company.

So this New Years enter a new phase with some healthy habits. (ANI)

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