Thoothukudi Deputy Tehsildar ordered police firing: FIR

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Thoothukudi, May 28 (IANS) A Deputy Tehsildar has claimed that he had ordered police firing that had claimed the lives of 12 lives during the protests demanding the closure of the Copper Smelter plant run by the Vedanta Group on Tuesday last.

The FIIR filed by the police on May 22 says that Sekar, Deputy Tehsildar of Thoothukudi, admitted that it was he who had ordered the police firing at the protesters after all the other steps to preserve law and order failed.

In the FIR he filed with the police, Sekar said he had at first warned the protesters that force would be used and when his request was defied, he ordered a baton charge. When this proved inadequate and the crowd kept surging forward menacingly and attcked the police personnel, he had ordered the firing of tear gas sheels after due warning.

The official said when tear gas shells failed to disperse the violent mob, which was destroying public property and police personnel near the Collectorate, he had ordered firing as the last resort. Twelve persons were killed in police firing on May 22 and the following one more person died in a fresh firing.



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  1. The death of 13 persons is a tragedy, agreed. But the Officers who ordered the firing cannot be blamed for the deaths.. The crowd had too many violent mobs causing arson and damaging public property. The Officers are empowered by law to order firing as per their assessment of the situation. The Police are at fault for causing deaths. They failed to control the mob by the least force. And that is because of their lack of training. The firing should have only caused injuries and not death. Stalin and his type of Politicians are a major cause for such violence during protests.. The Dravidian Parties cause horrible damage to life and property during their protests. They behave like hooligans. The deaths are thus caused by the irresponsible politicians who seek trouble to get political advantages. So blame the Politicians and the untrained Police for the deaths.