Three tips to boost your child’s school success

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Though your kids may not want to hear it, a new school year is about to begin. Here are three ways you can contribute to their school success, from elementary to post-secondary.

  1. Actively participate in your child’s education.
    “Research shows that parental involvement leads to higher student achievement and success,” says Akela Peoples, President and CEO of The Learning Partnership, a national charitable organization dedicated to advancing publicly funded education. “Parents should monitor their child’s progress, provide a structured routine, attend school meetings and events, and encourage their children by telling them they can be successful.”
  2. Ensure your child has access to help.
    “We all need help, but often shy away from asking for it,” says Roshaan Hajira, a member of the alumni advisory committee of Pathways to Education Canada, an organization dedicated to breaking down barriers to high school graduation.  “Look for opportunities in your community that offer things like workshops for learning, personal and professional development and new skills to help you succeed in and out of school. My top back to school tip: don’t be afraid to ask for help.”
  3. Make sure your child has a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP).
    “Having an RESP is a great way to encourage your child to continue their education and can help you prepare for the cost down the road,” says May Wong, Executive Director of the non-profit SmartSAVER.  “With an RESP you get access to available government grants and can grow your savings tax-free. There’s a wide selection of providers and different types of RESPs to choose from, including accounts you can start with no fees and no minimum contribution.”  – CNW
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