Three-wheeled vehicles (TWVs) start rolling on Ontario roads

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A new class of vehicle is hitting Ontario roads and drivers need to make themselves aware of the rules and regulations regarding these vehicles.

Three-wheeled vehicles (TWVs) are a distinct class of motor vehicle, separate from passenger vehicles, motor tricycles and motorcycles. Under the Ontario Ministry of Transportation ten-year pilot project, TWVs will be registered as motorcycles; however, the driver will be required to have a full ‘G’ class license or higher to operate the vehicle. Drivers with an ‘M’ class license alone are prohibited from operating a TWV under the pilot project.

Staff Sergeant David Mitchell is seen here speaking about these vehicles.

Some of the other legislation regarding these vehicles includes:

  • Only federally-approved TWVs designed for on-road use are permitted to participate in the pilot. Current approved models include: Polaris Slingshot and Campagna Motors T-Rex 8
  • Current HTA rules of the road and penalties apply to the driver/vehicle owner
  • Participants in the pilot project are subject to Ontario’s mandatory seatbelt requirements and must use an approved motorcycle safety helmet
  • Passengers who are classified as an infant, toddler or pre-school to primary grade child are not permitted to ride in a TWV
  • TWVs are prohibited from being used for an MTO road test
  • Sidecars or trailers are not permitted to be affixed to a TWV
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Penalties for contravening the conditions of the pilot project can be charged under Highway Traffic Act s.228 (8), which states that every person who contravenes a pilot regulation is liable to a fine of not less than $250 and not more than $2,500, upon conviction. – CINEWS

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