TN sets up committee to suggest downsizing, outsourcing

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Chennai, June 21 (IANS) In an attempt to downsize its workforce, the Tamil Nadu government on Thursday said it has set up a Staff Rationalisation Committee.

In a statement issued here, the government said the Committee, headed by S. Audseshiah, a retired Principal Secretary of the state government, will evaluate the staff structure in various departments to identify non-essential posts as well as the categories of posts which can be outsourced or appointed through contract appointment.

It will also consider any other relevant issue concerning administrative expenditure management in government and government agencies and make suitable recommendations, the statement said.

Suggestions to the committee may be made in person/post/email before June 30 on: improving government employee’s skill and performance; areas in government department that can be restructured; identification and disbandment of posts in government department which are obsolete;

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They can also be made under reduction of government expenditure, under the heads of administrative cost, staff cost, and any other area.



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