Tokyo school to be moved into skyscraper

Tokyo, Sep 28 (IANS) An elementary school in Tokyo will likely be the first in Japan to move into a skyscraper, the media reported on Monday.

According to sources, the 86-year-old building is in a state of decay, and a redevelopment project beckoned, NHK news agency reported.

The school will move into a 45-storey high-rise in front of Tokyo station six years from now.

Renovation was considered for Joto elementary school, built in 1929. But the sky-high relocation was endorsed as part of a bigger redevelopment plan for the area near the major train station.

The new 245-metre-tall building is scheduled to open in April 2021. It will be a commercial complex containing offices, stores and a hotel.

The school will be on the first to the fourth floors. This will include classrooms, a gymnasium, and a swimming pool. A playground will be built on the roof of the fourth floor.

Ensuring the children’s safety is a major concern. Officials said the school entrance will be created separately from the rest of the areas.

This will prevent visitors and office workers from entering the school premises.

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