Tom Hanks slams cancer ‘quacks’ for swindling patients

Melbourne, Oct 27 (ANI): Tom Hanks, whose wife Rita Wilson recently completed her breast cancer treatment, blasted the cancer ‘quacks’ who unnecessarily try to push the patient over needless procedures just to make money.

The ‘Forest Gump’ star said in an interview that one should first find out the meaning of cancer and then should place their advice, because unnecessary suggestions affects the cancer patient and all adds to their difficulty, reported.

The 59-year-old Oscar Winner actor added that thankfully he’s lucky enough to afford good medical care, but there are people who are dealing and selling in false hopes.

Hanks, whose wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2014 and now after nine months of struggle she’s done with all the required medical treatment, recently played the role of CIA’s top gun negotiator in the Cold War drama ‘Bridge of Spies’. (ANI)

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