Tom Hardy finds parenting hard

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Los Angeles, Aug 8 (IANS) Actor Tom Hardy says there is nothing more challenging than trying to be a good father to his two children.

“There is no harder job on the planet, and more important, than parenting. You have got the military, police, doctors, service personnel – massive respect, huge consequences – but parenting? It’s beyond a job, is not it,” Hardy told Esquire magazine.

However, his career has had more of a physical effect on him as his knees are getting stiffer, his hair is turning grey and he’s locked horns with too many people, reports

He said: “My knee’s gone, the nerves are shot, I’m getting white hair…I have got battle scars from rubbing my nose in the wrong places, banging heads with the wrong people, being difficult or whatever it is.

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“But I’ve got to the point where I’m responsible as well. If you come to me I can find, delegate, help, create a solution. I’m not a tearaway any more.”



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