Tom Hiddleston has ‘no power ‘ over Bond gossipy tidbits

Tom Hiddleston  says he isn’t effectively hoping to take up the mantle of James Bond. English performing artist Tom Hiddleston has uncovered in a meeting that he thinks that its hard to adapt to the bits of gossip about him turning into the next  James Bond.Tom Hiddleston: how Shakespeare seeped into my bones – video

In a meeting with, the High-Rise performing artist said, “It’s a weird thing to have to deal with. I’m having unreal conversations with people about this because I don’t know where the rumours have sprung from.”

Tom Hiddleston  said that he likewise has no feeling of whether he will play Bond next or not: “My name is only a thought in people’s psyches, yet it’s getting to be overpowering. I have no power to stop it, but I wish I could convince everyone that the whole thing is news to me.”

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