Top tech giants hail PM Modi’s `Digital India` initiative

San Jose, Sept 27 (ANI): Top technological giants from the Silicon Valley today hailed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s for his ‘Digital India’ initiative, saying technology is the future and India is moving in the right direction under the latter’s leadership.

“Bringing world class infrastructure to India and respecting India’s digital securities is a key milestone for us and we want to help people make things happen,” said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella here at the Digital India and Digital Technology dinner.

“Microsoft wants to involve the Government of India and different telecom companies on various projects in the country,” he added.

Nadella asserted that it is time to collectively empower people with technology from all over the world.

“I visited a rural village in Kenya where, to my surprise, students were using Skype and were engaged in technology discussions,” he added.

John T Chambers, executive chairman of Cisco, called Prime Minister Modi an ‘amazing ambassador of India,’ who has the ability to change India as well as the world.

“You (Prime Minister Modi) will change the world and India. Your vision will happen. It takes a great deal of courage for a leader to do that,” he added.

Speaking at the function, Paul E Jacobs Executive Chairman of Qualcomm lauded the Indian Prime Minister, saying that the country is moving in the right direction under his leadership.

“We are keen and focused on setting up a number of design houses to design products in India. We are extremely excited and motivated with Prime Minister’s Digital India vision,” said Jacobs.

Jacobs added that India already has more internet traffic on mobile devices than any other country in the world.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai further noted Prime Minister Modi for his vision of empowering the country.

“India is the fastest growing start-up nation in the world. Prime Minister Modi understands that technology is the enabler that can drive massive change,” said Pichai.

He also said that during his visit to India last year, he could feel the change in the mindset of the people and was excited to see the possibilities and the opportunities in the nation.

“I met hungry entrepreneurs, similar to the ones I met in Silicon Valley. India’s the fastest growing start-up nation in the world,” he added. (ANI)

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