Topless feminists interrupt Le Pen’s Paris rally

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Paris, April 18 (IANS) The rally of the French far-right candidate Marine Le Pen, which brought together more than 5,000 people here, was interrupted twice by two topless feminists, a media report said.

On Monday, with a bouquet of flowers, the first woman jumped onto the stage where Le Pen was delivering her speech, before the security services of her party, the National Front (FN), came in, Efe news reported.

“Leftist militants are on their toes. They attack the only female candidate who defends women,” Le Pen said when she resumed her speech.

Minutes later, another woman jumped onto the stage where the TV cameras were, interrupting Le Pen’s speech again.

“Some people have trouble hearing the truth. It would have been better if she stayed. She could have learned something,” Le Pen said amidst applause from the audience, while the security guards took the young woman away.

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The day before, left-wing militants had attempted to ban this rally, which was one of Le Pen’s biggest in the French capital, clashing with the law enforcement agencies that protected the place, although the rally finally took place on Monday under tight security measures.

Le Pen stressed her main lines of policies at the rally, although she pushed particularly hard on immigration issues.

The right-wing candidate said that if she won the French presidential elections, she would impose a “moratorium on all legal immigration” to “stop this delirium that is sinking us.”

Le Pen presented herself as the only candidate fighting “against rampant and uncontrolled globalization.”

“These elections,” she said, “are a referendum between those in favour of France and those who are against it.” –IANS

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