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Tories viewed as likely to keep promises, but…

Although three in 10 voters see believe Conservatives are more inclined to keep their promises, they still have some qualms. This came through in a new Ipsos poll on the issue of trust.

The Global News backed poll found that 28 per cent of respondents view the Conservatives as the party they trust to keep its election promises, while 23 per cent chose the NDP and 22 per cent cited the Liberals.

However, when it came to trusting any party candidate who would eventually become prime minister, 76 percent were resigned to them breaking their campaign pledges.

When polled about which party leader they trust the most, three in 10 said they don’t trust anyone.

With all political leaders making lavish and extravagant promises, many rational Canadians deep down believe that these promises seem too good to be true especially when there is a huge price tag involved and taxes go up.
There are any number of examples of promises being too difficult to keep. Take for example the Liberals promise to abolish the first-past-the-post electoral system, but after months of consultations nothing came of it.

Responses to the poll varied depending on where people lived. For instance, people in western Canada were more likely to see the Tories as serious about keeping their word on campaign pledges, with 50 per cent in Alberta and 46 per cent in Saskatchewan and Manitoba saying so in the survey. The Liberals were the top pick in Quebec (28 per cent) and Ontario (27 per cent).
Atlantic Canada was particularly distrustful of party leadership, with close to one in four (39 per cent) saying they don’t trust any leaders the most.

With no one issue dominating the campaign, and with eight in 10 of those surveyed (83 per cent) saying they will cast a ballot for someone they believe in, trust has a role to play in this election.

As for who would make the best prime minister, the Conservatives and Liberals are deadlocked, with 28 per cent picking Trudeau and 27 per cent picking Scheer and 23 percent opting for Singh.

Polling has shown the Liberals and Conservatives in a close race for the past two weeks. A poll released Tuesday showed this deadlock hadn’t shifted, with the NDP seeing a boost in support instead.

The Liberal Party’s messaging has been focused on painting themselves as the only viable choice for progressive voters who don’t want to see a Conservative government. Singh also recently raised the question of a Liberal-NDP coalition government to prevent Scheer from taking power.

The poll also asked people which leaders were seen as best to tackle the deficit or grab a drink with. Almost three in 10 respondents said they would pick none of the leaders to have a coffee or beer with (28 per cent), with Singh at 22 per cent and Trudeau at 20 per cent. -CINEWS


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