Toronto cop Mandip Sandhu begins serving jail term for sexually assaulting masseuse


Remember Police Detective Constable Mandip Sandhu? He was in the news back in February 2013 when he wa accused of forcibly getting a masseuse to perform oral sex on him, while he was in uniform. He was sentenced to 15 months in jail and two years’ probation for sexually assaulting the 44-year-old masseuse and began serving his sentence last Wednesday after his appeal of his conviction and sentence was dismissed.sandhu
Sandhu got carried away while he was on duty, supposedly inspecting a North York spa. Provincial Court Justice John Moore had called the crime a “breach of trust” committed by an individual “who [pledged] to uphold the law.”
This week, Justice Brian O’Marra said: “The appellant was convicted of a crime involving sexual violence and an egregious abuse of public trust and authority. The length and manner of serving this custodial sentence do not reflect an error in principle, nor is the sentence demonstrably unfit.”
Last year, the complainant filed a lawsuit against Sandhu and the Toronto Police Services Board for $1.3 million.
One wonders if victims these days are intent on seeking justice. If given a choice between being handed a million dollars in lieu of letting the guilty party walk free, what choice would be made?

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