Toronto food banks face summer shortages

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Summers are always a tough time as shelves at food banks tend to go bare, according to the Ontario Association of Food Banks, as donations dip.

Most people tend to be more charitable during the holidays, and somehow amid summer vacations and other out-of-town plans, donating to food banks goes down on the list of priorities.

But here’s the truth. The need for food at these food banks increases in the summer months because school lunch and snack programs wrap up when the school year does.

About 12 per cent of food banks report running out of food at least once a year.

Research shows that the people who struggle to afford food tend to be:
-Living on a low income
-Using social assistance
-Trying to get by with part-time or contingent work.
-Around one in eight households in Ontario are food insecure, and only about a quarter to a fifth of those who are food insecure use food banks.
-Around 70 per cent of those who access food banks are on social assistance, and 90 per cent of food bank clients are rental or social housing tenants.

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With so many refugees and other people in need, food banks are finding it harder and harder to cater to the ever-growing demand. -CINEWS

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