Toronto is North America’s safest city

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If you are out looking to buy or rent a place in Toronto, considered by many North America’s safest city, its unlikely the realtor will show you places in Toronto’s Dixon neighbourhood, given the history of violence, drug-related crime and the two violent deaths recently.

For many living in this particular community the 2017 Safe Cities Index finding released this week by The Economist feels like a bit of a joke.

But for many in the city, safety and security is something they take for granted. As far as crime goes Torontonians have little to worry about, but when it comes to crossing roads and avoiding being knocked down by a speeding car, well, that’s another issue. But the fact is Toronto is the only Canadian city to make the list, outranked only by Tokyo, Singapore and Osaka, Japan, making it the fourth-safest out of all 60 cities in the report based on 49 indicators spanning health, infrastructure, digital and personal security. – CINEWS

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