Toronto sees 250% increase in road fatalities

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Since January 1, 2018, the City of Toronto has seen seven traffic fatalities. Five were pedestrian fatalities, two were driver fatalities. This represents a 250% increase over 2017 fatalities year to date. Going forward the city is doing its best to ensure that percentage goes down, some of the efforts include prevention, education of community members, and targeted enforcement.

Collision analysis has shown that pedestrian traffic fatalities represent approximately 60% of yearly traffic fatalities within the City of Toronto.

In 2017, 36 pedestrians lost their lives. This represents over 59% of the total of all traffic fatalities. Mid-block crossing accounted for over 58% of the pedestrian-involved fatalities in 2017. Seniors aged 65 and older are among the most vulnerable sector of road-users and they accounted for over 48% of all pedestrian fatalities.

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To reduce fatalities and raise awareness in Toronto, a pedestrian safety campaign, “Road safety … lt starts with you,” has been running since Tuesday, January 16, 2018 and will continue until Monday, January 22nd.

“This is a team effort to reduce death on our roads, and the team must include you, the public,” said Traffic Services Superintendent Scott Baptist. “The loss of life we have seen is intolerable. It is the simple things that we are not doing that are causing death and injury on our roads.”

Superintendent Baptist added, “By making a few changes, you will help save lives, maybe even your own. These changes include: stop crossing mid-block, stop assuming drivers can see you, stop driving a vehicle while inattentive or distracted and focus on the goal of arriving safely at your destination, regardless of the type of road-user you are.”

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Pedestrians are encouraged to avoid using distracting electronic devices when interacting with vehicular traffic. Improving road safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists is our goal.

All police officers and Parking Enforcement Officers will be focusing their attention on those motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians who commit offences in the vicinity of pedestrian crossovers, crosswalks, intersections, school zones and crossing areas frequented by seniors.

This initiative is part of the City of Toronto – Vision Zero Road Safety Plan. – CINEWS

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