Toronto’s major intersections to have traffic wardens and photo radar

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There is no question that the rash of pedestrian fatalities points to dangerous intersections, now new measures are being taken to increasing street safety and improving traffic flow.

The recommendations come out of a new report by city staff for the public works committee and include proposals to hire traffic wardens to direct traffic at major intersections, install photo radar to reduce speed violations and designating new school safety zones. The city is planning to hire an unspecified number of traffic wardens to manage traffic at major intersections, especially during evening rush hours. The city will post job listings for the positions later this week and paid duty police officers are currently deployed at intersections until traffic wardens are up to speed.

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The city will also start a pilot program this summer that will see photo radar technology employed in neighbourhoods with schools to help enforce the rules of the road.

Additionally, the city will lift an 18-year moratorium on the creation of community safety zones and will designate 100 new school safety zones. The designations will allow the city to double fines for speeding in those areas and introduce other traffic calming measures.

The report also outlines a new process for streamlining requests from residents who want traffic calming measures like speed bumps or stop signs installed in their neighbourhood.

Traffic wardens and technology will certainly make a difference at busy city intersections and can save lives. – CINEWS

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