Toshiba museum showcases company’s history, innovative technology

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Kawasaki / Tokyo, Mar.18 (ANI): Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation Toshiba has reopened a new Science Museum showcasing the company’s history and innovative technologies.

The museum introduces the history of Toshiba and the application of cutting-edge technology.

“Toshiba Science Museum was established 55 years ago with the purpose of dissemination of science and technology, contribution to education and exhibition of the industrial heritage,” said Takano Iwakiri, director, Toshiba Science Museum.

Visitors can experience this amazing innovation technology through experiments and workshops in which they can learn science and technology.

“Toshiba was established by two founders. One of them is Tanaka Hisashige, who started Tanaka Hanbaiten in 1875 in Ginza, Tokyo, as one of Japan’s first manufacturer of telegraph and telephone equipments. In 1904, it was renamed Shibaura Seisakusho. Ichisuke Fujioka founded Hakunetsusha in 1890 and was Japan’s first producer of incandescent electric lamps and elevators. In 1899, it was renamed Tokyo Denki,” said Miyakonakata, Toshiba Science Museum.

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“Shibaura and Tokyo Denki merged to create a new company called Tokyo Shibaura Electric in 1939. It was then nicknamed Toshiba,” added Miyakonakata.

The museum displays “Man-nen Jimeisho” chronometer, which was created 150 years ago by Tanaka Hisashige.

Miyako Nakata of Toshiba Science Museum said the company produced Japan’s first washing machine in 1930.

“At the same time, Toshiba produced Japan’s first refrigerator. The world’s first Lap-Top PC was produced by Toshiba in 1985. Toshiba also manufactured the world’s first NAND flash memory in 1987. These semiconductor technologies were first invented by Toshiba in the world, which became commonly used now,” Nakata said.

Takano Iwakiri, Director, Toshiba Science Museum, said not only children but people of all age groups enjoy here.

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“We aim to design this museum to help inspire a new generation of science experts,” he added.

A marathon was recently held in Tokyo in which over 37,000 runners participated.

To organize this event safely, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department mobilized the police to guard security.

Some 90 police personnel also ran with the participants by using small camera on their forehead to send image to general control center.

“When police sends image to general control center using simple wearable camera, NEC can provide the technology to clarify that image,” said Takayuki Shibuya of NEC Corporation.

At the finishing line, new system experiment was undertaken utilizing progressed technology.

“Technology for analysis of mob activity enables grasping mass human being flow. This technology can monitor congestion from recorded image and heat map image simultaneously. To analyze congestion and flow of mass human being, this technology indicates phenomenon of unusual happening,” said Takayuki Shibuya of NEC Corporation.

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” To analyze mass human being flow and to monitor images of plural monitoring camera are important element of this procedure. Grasping mass human being flow and anticipate future change are effective for safe guard system. NEC technology enables to analyze crowded people and count the number of overlapping people,” added Shibuya. (ANI)

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