Tournament organized to preserve ‘Kang Shanaba’

Imphal, Oct. 10 (ANI): The northeastern states have a rich legacy of indigenous sports and games which are enjoyed by the local people. In Manipur, Kang Shanaba is being played since a long time and now efforts are being made to preserve and popularize the game.

‘Kang Shanaba’ is an indigenous Manipuri game played with Kang, an oval object made of lac or lead with a spot of ivory in the middle.

Steps are being taken to promote and preserve the indigenous game that has lost its popularity over time.

The Manipur Kang association in collaboration with local groups has been organizing Kang championships in different parts of the state.

Recently, the 3rd Koijam Yaima Singh Memorial League cum Knock out Kang Tournament was held at Ucheckon Loukon Village in Imphal.

A total of 12 teams from different villages participated in the tournament held under the aegis of Ibudhou Wangbren Khana Chaoba Kang Committee.

Member of Manipur Kang Association, Phurailatpam Churamani, said that they are getting help from the state government to preserve the game.

“Manipur Kang Association along with Manipur Government is trying very hard to promote and develop this indigenous game. Every year, we are giving training to the youngster in Khuman Lampak,” he said.

“We have to start from the grassroot level players because kang in an old-age game so if we don’t start from grass root level such game will be extinct. In order to develop and promote this game we are working really hard with the help of government,” he added.

The game is played between two teams for duration of 4 and a half hour. Each team, called a kangkhut, comprises ten players each, including 3 substitutes.

Manipur has a number of indigenous games including Sagol Kangjei or Polo, Mukna, Thangta, and Yubi Lakpi or Manipuri Rugby.

While some of these have become really popular, efforts are being made to promote the others and prevent them from getting extinct. (ANI)

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