Tow truck operators protest Bill 15

Toronto, April 8 (CINEWS): In a bid to protect hapless drivers who have complained for years about being gouged by tow truck operators, the Liberal government introduced Bill 15 which includes tow-specific measures designed to protect consumers.tow truck
Needless to say, tow truck drivers aren’t happy and staged several protests around the city resulting in serious road jams.
So what is it about Bill 15 that has riled up these hardworking drivers? For one, they will have to limits the number of hours they work, in other words, get more sleep.
Stranded drivers should have the option to pay on their credit cards and tow truck companies need to display more transparency- for one, customers should be aware and okay with the towing rates before accepting payment and tow truck operators should get clear permission from drivers before providing towing services. That is assuming the customer isn’t disoriented.
Some of these sections have already been phased in but the majority of the new regulations are scheduled to take effect in early 2017.
According to a released statement, operators scheduled the rally as a “day of awareness” against the bill, which they say will only drive rates they charge upwards.
The police continuously use a first-on-scene system. The tow operators listen to the radios, and they scan the airwaves. As soon as that call is put out, they race to the scene of the accident. This may explain they have a collision rate of 19.7 per cent compared to other drivers of commercial vehicles.

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