Trade business,a means of livelihood for old Delhi Afghans

By Parras Bisht

New Delhi, Dec.25 (ANI): Terrorism and instability still plagues the Afghanistan region. Many people are forced to leave the country to live a better life. Old Delhi’s Ballimaran area in the national capital hosts a huge contingent of Afghan people. Many of them find good jobs and some establish their own business units.

Relations between the people of India and Afghanistan trace to the Indus Valley Civilization.

India over the years has played a major role in the development and peace process in the fragile region and the recent inauguration of the Afghanistan parliament building by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi reinforces this.

Old Delhi area is a home for many Afghan people. For over four decades Sharif Manzil in Ballimaran area of Chandni Chowk has been associated with Afghan traders who showcase their traditional items. Sikandar Khan, shop owner says, “There are many businessmen here in Sharif Manzil area from Afghanistan. They have been staying here for a long time. These traders export and import dry fruits. People from Afghanistan have long been associated with Ballimaran area for their businesses”.

India seek to expand its economic presence in Afghanistan as the international coalition fighting the Taliban withdraws.

Both the countries have been associated with each other through tradition, culture and trade.

Aghans have been living a life of dignity and earning handsomely. Sikandar Khan further adds, “We are very happy with the Indian Government. We heard from our grandfather that India and Afghanistan have a very deep and close relationship with each other. We are living a good life here.”

Sharif Manzil in Chandni Chowk area boasts not only Afghanistan products but also of Indian items.

A shop owner displays the world renowned Banarsi sarees. The colorful sarees attracts not only Afghans living in Indian but also the Indian people. Lahore Khan, shop owner comments, “I started this shop nearly six months back along with my partner. India is a very good country and I am very happy with the government and the people.”

Afghanistan has a lot to offer to global customers and the good people to people relations are the foundation for thriving India-Afghanistan bilateral cooperation. Both the countries can expand their horizon in security, trade and economic cooperation. (ANI)

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