Traditional instruments remain favourite among musicians in Kashmir

Srinagar, Dec.30 (ANI): Although western musical instruments are gaining immense popularity among the present-day artistes, folk musicians in Kashmir insist on the use of traditional instruments like rabab and harmonium.

According to historians, rabab was adopted from Afghanistan centuries ago and has been an integral part of Kashmiri music culture ever since then.

“Here, all Kashmiris like Rabab music. Rabab’s tunes touch the heart. Rabab is played even during weddings or other occasions in the form of couplets or songs,” said music lover, Mushtaq Ahmad, on Tuesday

The musicians in Srinagar believed that Kashmiri folk music was incomplete without rabab.

“Rabab is that music or the tune which collects all tunes from instruments and creates its own music. That is why Rabab should be played at every party,” said Kashmiri folk singer, Sonaullah Reshi.

The main characteristics of Kashmiri rababs are a bulging body, an indented waist, four to six strings and side pegs. They are usually made of almond or mulberry wood, but commonly made of walnut wood in Kashmir. (ANI)

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