Transgender turned out of flat, says feeling suicidal

Mumbai, June 24 (ANI): A transgender residing in Mumbai, Joe Paul, who was allegedly forced to vacate the rented flat where she had been living for the last three months, on Wednesday, said she was feeling suicidal after the incident.

“The broker forced me to vacate the flat. I had been living there for just three months. I don’t think I should be asked to do this. Why should I leave this place? Tell me the problem, or, if I have done anything wrong. Why should I leave on the basis of the reason given by you? Even if the reason is valid that you want to keep a family here, then didn’t you know it earlier? I don’t understand why I should shift.

“If you are giving a place on rent, I would request all the owners and brokers in Mumbai not to judge people by their sexual orientation, or the religion they belong to, or by the kind of food they eat. Just see what kind of a human being he/she is…It is very painful. Shifting is a very huge task,” she added.

A film-maker by profession, Paul claimed that she has been asked to vacate the flat in Jogeshwari as the owner felt it was a “family society”, and not meant for persons like Paul.

“The owner told me that no we can’t keep any gay kind of people…You kind of people who are gay. It was really humiliating, and when I came home, I was sitting on the bean bag for at least five hours, that too, without even switching the fan on. I was feeling really low and suicidal,” Paul added.

The victim also claimed that the broker told the same thing to his friend as well. (ANI)

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