Tribals in Nagaland celebrate traditional harvest festival

Dimapur (Nagaland), Sept. 7 (ANI): A minority tribal community in Nagaland on Saturday celebrated the traditional Mongmong festival praying for a rich harvest.

The Sangtams are a Naga tribe concentrated in twin districts of Kiphire and Tuensang in Nagaland. Like many tribal groups in northeast India, the Sangtams practice “jhum” or shifting cultivation.

The Sangtams celebrate the Mongmong festival to please their god to receive blessings of good health and harvest. On the occasion, they also worship three cooking stones in the fire place.

Different rituals are conducted during the six-day festival, which also includes animal sacrifices. The festival was attended by many dignitaries and saw traditional display of songs, dances and games.

Nagaland state legislature speaker, Chotisuh Sazo, called for unity among Nagas.

“Nagas require unity, be it overground or underground, not only unity among the Sangtam community but unity among the whole Naga brothers. Let us try to unite ourselves for the greater interest of the Nagas,” he said. (ANI)

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