Troubling report on crime in Peel

Toronto, November 28 (CINEWS): Recently at the Police Services Board meeting, the 2014 Youth Crime Report was presented and those in attendance listened to some sobering statistics. Although better in many respects from previous years, there is a lot more that needs to be done.

Peel officers charged 1,944 youths aged 12-17 last year, down nearly four per cent from the 2,016 charged in 2013.
The report shows fewer youths were charged last year with “crimes against persons.” These include assault, robbery and sexual offences. There were 650 youths charged with such offences last year, down nearly 13 per cent from the 701 charged in 2013.
The number of youths charged with “crimes against property” however, increased nearly six per cent, from 650 last year to 616 in 2013. These include break-and-enters, fraud, mischief and arson.
Peel officers charged 16 youths last year with criminal offences such as drunk driving or dangerous driving. This represents a 33 per cent increase from 2013, the report stated.
The Pre-charge Diversion Program, which gives youth a second chance before being put into the criminal justice system through counselling and community service tasks that help them realize the consequences of breaking the law.
Of the youths who completed this program in 2013, 12 per cent committed another crime within a year, compared to a recidivism rate of 28 per cent for youths who didn’t complete the program. Ꮠ

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