Trucker attempts to smuggle $6mn of cocaine from Detroit

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A Canadian truck driver has been arrested in Michigan after allegedly trying to smuggle $6 million worth of cocaine into Windsor, say US federal officials.

Jatinderpal Singh apparently asked federal agents if defendants in the U.S. “receive a large discount relating to time sentenced as offered to Canadian defendants in Canada,” according to U.S. court documents.

The documents, filed Sunday in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, note that people in Canada are “generally incarcerated to significantly lower total sentences.”

US customs officers pulled Singh over for an outbound inspection when he tried to cross the Ambassador Bridge early Saturday. He showed “extreme signs of nervousness,” according to the court documents.

Officers brought out a drug sniffing dog, which reacted to “the presence of drug odours” in multiple areas. An X-ray of the truck, followed by a physical search, revealed 120 kilograms of cocaine, according to the federal complaint.

The affidavit, from a U.S. Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent, states that amount of cocaine would be worth about $6 million in Toronto.

The cocaine was separated into one kilogram bricks, many of which contained embossed logos and hand-drawn characters “consistent with large scale drug smuggling/distribution,” according to the documents.

The affidavit states commercial truck drivers smuggling cocaine from the U.S. to Canada are paid courier fees of $1,000 per kilogram.

The court documents state that truck drivers typically receive less than 40 kilograms of drugs to smuggle at a time, “unless they have completed multiple successful smuggling ventures.” -CINEWS

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