Trudeau explains Liberal position on EI

Toronto, September 11 (CINEWS) Like the Conservatives, the Liberals are promising cuts to employment insurance premiums, but not as deeply as their competition. If the Libs do end up governing the country, they would reduce EI premiums from $1.88 per $100 earned to $1.65 starting in 2017.trudeaulib
In their 2015 budget, the Conservatives projected premiums would fall to $1.49 by 2017. Liberals say their plan would result in an extra $2 billion per year in revenue for the government, though Trudeau said this does not amount to a tax hike in disguise.
“Our plan is completely balanced and we will be able to do everything we’re announcing today while at the same time cutting EI premiums for workers across the country.”
The Liberals are also pledging to reduce the waiting time for people who apply for EI from two weeks to one week and to scrap a rule that requires anyone entering or re-entering the workforce to work a minimum of 910 hours before they are eligible for EI.
Trudeau promised to repeal EI reforms brought in by the Conservatives, which critics have said make it more difficult for unemployed workers to claim benefits. He also pledged an extra $500 million per year for skills training.

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