Trump believes he’s winning debate on barring Muslims from US

London, Dec. 11 (ANI): Even after taking a lot of flak for his statement about barring Muslims from the United States in the wake of San Bernardino shooting, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said that he believes he is winning the debate about cutting off all Muslim immigration into the US.

According to The Guardian, Trump said that a lot of people are apparently talking about his proposal and taking it ‘seriously’.

He described the worldwide uproar that was provoked by his call on Monday for a “total and complete shutdown” of US borders to Muslims as “an interesting few days”.

He believes that the public is saying, ‘Trump is right. Trump has a point.”

The Republican frontrunner made his remarks at the Sheraton hotel in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where the New England Police Benevolent Association was voting to endorse him as its presidential candidate. (ANI)

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