Trump calls for ‘arrest’ of protestors at his rallies

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Washington D.C., Mar. 13 (ANI): A day after altercations and protests forced him to cancel a campaign rally in Chicago, US presidential candidate Donald Trump called for protesters who disrupt his rallies to be arrested.

According to CNN, Trump’s call to arrest protesters came at a campaign in Kansas City in Missouri, where he was repeatedly interrupted at the beginning of his address.

“I’m going to ask that you arrest them. I’ll file whatever charges you want. If they want to do this … we’re going to go strongly for your arrests.” Trump said to the police

He asserted that arresting the protesters would “ruin the rest of their lives” by giving them a “big arrest mark.”

“Once that’s starts happening, we’re not going to have any more protesters, folks,” Trump said.

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Earlier, clashes broke out between protesters and Trump supporters after the campaign announced the rally would be cancelled more than 30 minutes after it was scheduled to start.

Hundreds of protesters had swarmed into the venue for the rally, prompting the campaign to call off the event. (ANI)

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